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This webpage is dedicate to my Metallica collection.
My name is Mike and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Been a fan of Metallica since I was 11 years old.

I'm a crew member of Metallica Club Scandinavia and The Metallica Collectors Club. I'm active on both of the forums on each website and you will reconize me under my nickname metmike.

The list

This is the list of all my items from A-Z.
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The Top 100 list

The Top 100 list contains the top 100 most expensive, most sought after and most rare Metallica items. The list is created by Hector who runs,
a site that list every Metallica release out there.

I got 8 items which are on the list
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Kill 'em all CD with longbox
Elektra 9 60766-2
Fade to black 12" promo
Elektra ED 5044
Master of puppets CD with longbox
Elektra 60439-2
Stone cold crazy CD promo
Elektra PRCD 8224-2
$5.98 EP-Garage days re-revisited Japan
Sony records 23DP 5235
'Whiplash-sampler' promo
Vertigo METCD 100
One 7" with sticker and poster
Vertigo 874 064-7 / METP 5

The garage remains the same
Metclub MCP 001

Latest items
Items in collection

Jump in the fire - Holland
Holland Roadrunner RR 125518


Since I'm such a nice guy, you don't have to count all the items in my collection. Just check out my counter to the right. This is the total amount of items I have up to date.

CD   280
Vinyl   106
Cassettes   16
DVD   11
VHS   26
Laserdiscs   1
Boxes   8
Books   4
Picks   32
Total   484


Last update: 2009-04-13

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