Top-100 items


The Top 100 list contains the top 100 most expensive, most sought after and most rare Metallica items. The list is created by Hector who runs,
a site that list every Metallica release out there.

I got 8 items which are on the list
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Kill 'em all CD with longbox
Elektra 9 60766-2
Fade to black 12" promo
Elektra ED 5044
Master of puppets CD with longbox
Elektra 60439-2
Stone cold crazy CD promo
Elektra PRCD 8224-2
$5.98 EP-Garage days re-revisited Japan
Sony records 23DP 5235
'Whiplash-sampler' promo
Vertigo METCD 100
One 7" with sticker and poster
Vertigo 874 064-7 / METP 5
The garage remains the same
Metclub MCP 001

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